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HireAbility has just added the Greek language to our ever increasing list of supported languages. The addition of the Greek language brings our full parsing language support to 16 languages worldwide.

We have looked at the other CV / Resume parsing solutions over the years and found HireAbility to have the most accurate technology with a fast processing time. Read more

What We Do

HireAbility provides cloud-based, secure, fast and accurate CV / Resume and Job Order (sometimes called Job Description or Vacancy) parsing software. Our products support:

  • Multiple languages

  • Global geographical locations

  • Customizable skill and job title ontologies

  • Semantic mapping to create the most accurate hierarchies of skills

  • Social Media profiles

  • HR-XML, JSON and custom output

Ready To Integrate?

ALEX CV / Resume Parser

ALEX CV / Resume parser and Job Order parser integrate into your product with
a single API key
a few lines of code.

Who Uses Our Software

  • ATS / HRIS

  • Job Boards

  • HR Analytics / HR Data Mining Companies

  • Career Sites

  • Social Networks

  • Staffing / Recruiting Companies

  • Corporate HR Departments

  • Software Companies

Did You Know?

HireAbility has just added the Greek language to our ever increasing list of supported languages. This brings our full parsing language support to over 35 languages and dialects worldwide. ALEX now fully supports parsing in English, Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Russian and Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Greek, along with many ‘flavors’ and dialects. In addition you do not need to specify in what language your resume is written. ALEX is ‘smart’ enough to figure it out. ALEX also supports multiple languages and locales in the same document.

Why Us

  • Industry leading accuracy

  • Grid technology ensured speed

  • Ease of integration

  • Ease of customization

  • Full scalability

  • Exceptional Customer Support

  • Dependability of a mature product

  • Tireless attention to Quality

  • Private cloud solutions anywhere in the world

  • Pricing for companies of all sizes

New Products

ALEX Central Launched!

Use your API key to log in.
ALEX Central key features include:

  • Quickly check your parsing stats

  • Request new features

  • Add terms and skills to your custom dictionary

  • Make suggestions for adding skills to our standard dictionary

  • Submit resumes for review by our team

Put ALEX to the test!

Our FREE CV / Résumé and Job Order / Job Description parsing trial includes 25 parses and is valid for 30 days. No credit card required.
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  • Semantic Searching and Matching capabilities

  • Batch & email processing

  • Language support

  • Customization

  • OCR capabilities


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+1 (603) 432 6653