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HireAbility’s ALEX CV / Resume and Job Order parsing is suitable for many applications and markets.

Our cloud-based platform makes integration quick, simple and easy regardless of the product you have built or use.

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Globe representing ATS/HRIS SoftwareATS/HRIS Software
As a software vendor you are always looking for a way to make your users more productive and to provide them with more value. A quality CV / Resume parser can aid in greatly reducing the manual data entry of your users and allow them to get more done with your product. In seconds ALEX can take their resume files, parse them, convert that data to XML and return workable results to your product.

Additionally, our Job Order parser can take your product to the next level by extracting key data from job descriptions and increasing the effectiveness of candidate to job matching.

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Crowd representing job boardsJob Boards
Job Boards thrive on applicants, but registering for a job board can at times be a tedious and lengthy process. Incorporating resume parsing into your job board allows applicants to create an online profile easily and painlessly. ALEX can take your applicant’s uploaded resume, parse the data, and help to create their online profile in seconds.
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Briefcase representing corporate HRCorporate HR
Corporate HR teams have a lot more on their plates than hiring and they use a variety of different products to get the job done. CV / Resume parsing software helps by reducing unnecessary data entry and expedites the hiring process. Additionally, because ALEX is a hosted solution, it can easily integrate with a wide range of products and our dedicated staff works with customers to get things running smoothly.
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Magnifying glass representing staffing/recruiting companiesStaffing/Recruiting Companies
Staffing and Recruiting companies have enough on their plates with finding good candidates, interviewing them and placing them in the right positions without having to worry about manual data entry. Whether your company is large or small, using a resume parser can drastically reduce the manpower spent entering candidate data by automating the process. Our ALEX parser can integrate easily into a wide range of products, so if you have not purchased a recruiting tool we can work with you to integrate with your proprietary database.
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Dialogue box representing social networksSocial Networks
Social networking sites are quickly becoming a magnet for online job seekers and must be intuitive and easy at their core. Integrated resume parsing gives users the ability to quickly complete their online profiles. ALEX can take your user’s uploaded resume, parse the data and return it to the online profile form in seconds.
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Pencil representing job order/description parsingJob Order/Description Parsing
Our SaaS-based job order/description parser pulls the accurate data you require and creates the optimal opportunity to match candidates against open positions. The extracted information includes job titles, critical skills, language requirements, certifications, and more. Couple it with search technology – and now you’re flying. Match candidates with their ideal job opportunity faster and more accurately than ever before.
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Gears representing how it worksHow It Works
CV / Resumes and job orders come in all shapes and sizes. ALEX extracts information from resumes received from various sources and in various file formats. Resumes in any layout go into the parser and structured data comes out formatted, ready for use. ALEX is context based rather than keyword based. It understands the context it is parsing in without reliance on keywords which leads to producing much more accurate results.
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Tools representing easy integrationEasy Integration
Adding or switching to a new software product can be time consuming and costly. Our ALEX CV / Resume parser and Job Order parser is a cloud-based solution that integrates easily with your system with a single API key and a few lines of code.

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