Why HireAbility?

Ten Reasons to Parse with HireAbility

1. We care about our product and our customers. We are your 24-hour, seven days a week parsing solution. Your own support and service crew. Your group of engineers developing fast and accurate CV / Resume and Job Order parsing tailored to your needs and scalable to your demands.

2. ALEX is always at its best. Do you wait months for updates? Not here, not ever. ALEX is monitored consistently throughout the day. If there is something specific that you need, expect an incredibly short wait time.

3. ALEX is easily customized to your company’s specifications. It’s always been our vision to create a product that gives us the ability to provide quality to our clients. Our solution enables us to respond quickly to your needs.

4. ALEX is scalable. You grow, we grow. In fact, our grid technology ensures that no volume is too much. The result? A solution that can handle thousands of resumes every minute.

5. We speak many languages. English? French? German? Dutch? In fact, we parse in over 10 languages and this number continues to grow. Have a language that’s not on our list? We’re up to the challenge.

6. We were first in the industry to develop a CV / Resume parser as a SaaS solution. We understood early the benefits of fast response time, consistent maintenance, secure technology, and a product that grew with our clients.

7. Our engineering team has been in place since day one over 12 years ago. We have been perfecting the art of CV/Resume parsing since 1999.

8. Sunday is as important as Monday. Even when we are not in the office we are just an email away. That’s the level of commitment we provide to every client. We provide anytime, anywhere technical support.

9. We were born to parse. We don’t farm out our ideas to external engineering firms and have them create our stuff. Our engineers are sitting right in the same office as the rest of us. Something happens – we fix it. You need something specific – we work with you to get it done.

10. We are happy to offer installation and integration help. Our engineers are available to assist you with any integration efforts. We want you up and running as quickly as possible.

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