Benefits of Parsing with HireAbility

Benefits of parsing with HireAbility


  • Accurate results Put HireAbility ALEX to the test with the free 30-day trial
  • Grid Technology ensured speed Our proprietary Grid Technology implementation ensures peak load handling and scalability. ALEX can handle thousands of resumes and job orders in a single minute.
  • Ease of Integration Full integration is a single API key (get it with the free trial) and a few lines of code away. Plus our engineers are available to assist you with any integration efforts. We want you up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Exceptional Customer Support We are your 24-hour, seven days a week parsing solution. We are always just an email away.
  • Tireless Attention to Quality Do you wait months for updates? Not here, not ever. ALEX is always at its best. If there is something specific that you need, expect an incredibly short turn around time.
  • ALEX can be easily customized to your company’s specifications. Our solution enables us to respond quickly to your needs.
  • ALEX is scalable You grow, we grow. In fact, our grid technology ensures that no volume is too much. The result? A solution that can handle thousands of resumes every minute.
  • Dependability of a mature product Our engineering team has been in place since day one over 12 years ago. We have been perfecting the art of CV/Resume parsing since 1999.
  • We speak many European languages including Greek and Russian. We speak Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic. In fact, we parse in over 40 languages and dialects and this number continues to grow. Have a language that’s not on our list? We can add it in 30 days.
  • Private Cloud Solutions anywhere in the world Even though we can provide a Private Cloud solution anywhere in the world, HireAbility LLC took the time to receive the EU-US Privacy Shield Certification as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries.
  • Built-in Skill and Job Title Taxonomies We have been collecting Skills, Competencies and Job Titles for our taxonomies since 1999.
  • Create your own Skill and Job Title Taxonomies We will help you build your own taxonomies that can be used alone or in addition to our built-in ones.
  • Email Parsing for Résumés / CVs and Job Orders We have supported batched parsing of Resumes sent to email addresses for years. We have now added this feature for our Job Order parsing clients as well.
  • Support for HR-XML and JSON Lightweight Standards We, at HireAbility, are always striving to provide our clients with the latest technology options to best meet their Résumé / CV and Job Order parsing needs.

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Our FREE CV / Résumé parsing and Job Order parsing trial includes 30 parses and is valid for 30 days.

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