A Horse of a Different Color

2014 is the year of the horse based on the Chinese zodiac. While this tidbit has nothing to do with resume parsing the contents of this blog certainly do. ALEX, our world-class resume/CV and job order parsing software now speaks Chinese! Chinese is the 15th language supported

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Westward Bound

HireAbility will be in Las Vegas again this year at the HR Technology Conference held at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center October 8th and 9th. We will be located at booth #2624. The conference last year in Vegas was fantastic and we are very excited to get

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ALEX Central Launched!

We at are always looking to make things easier for our clients. We are pleased to announce the launch of ALEX Central. Some key features include: • Quickly check your parsing stats • Request new features • Add terms and skills to your custom dictionary •

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How Resume Parsing Differs from Data Extraction (Key Word Searching) Or There’s More to the Resume than Meets the Eye (If it’s been Parsed)

At some point, the volume of resumes received by an organization exceeds its ability to manually process them effectively. The cost of cutting and pasting information manually from a resume into an applicant tracking system (ATS) far exceeds the cost of: a) storing the resume in some

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Job Skills

Job skills are constantly evolving, and resume parsing companies have to evolve with them. What’s behind new skills creation? There are several factors involved. A few of the more common: Technology: The rapidly changing world of technology in which we live has a dramatic impact on the

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ALEX Supports New HR-XML JSON Lightweight Recruiting Standard

We, at HireAbility, are always striving to provide our clients with the latest technology options to best meet their resume/CV and job order parsing needs. With more recruitment technologies becoming available on mobile devices, the demand for a lighter weight communication protocol has increased tremendously. To better

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Resumes & Job Orders Parsed From Your Inbox!

We have supported batched parsing of resumes sent to email addresses for years. We have now added this feature for our job order parsing clients as well. Best of all, retrieving your parsed results could not be easier! I will illustrate a typical setup below: 1). You

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HireAbility’s Private Cloud Solution

It would be a rare feat indeed for your cloud application’s needs… …to be met by a single-technology, deploy-once-and-use-forever environment. Infrastructure and performance requirements shift and scale in all directions, beginning with development, on to production, and through the ebb and flow of user demand. HireAbility is

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What happens in Vegas …

HireAbility will be exhibiting at the HR Technology Conference at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas next month. We will be at booth #1625 both Monday, October 7th and Tuesday the 8th. The conference last year in Chicago was fantastic and we are very excited

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OpenOffice? Yes, we can parse that!

A new update to your favorite parsing software has been released! One of the many benefits that our clients enjoy is the continual development and release activity that our hosted solution can provide. When enhancements are made to our software they immediately become available to everyone. No

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