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ALEX is Your New Best Friend

ALEX is your new best friend when it comes to resume and job order description parsing. ALEX doesn’t require any benefits, vacation time off or sick days. ALEX is the first one in the office in the morning, and the last one to leave. In fact, ALEX can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week without complaint. ALEX […]

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Chicago – Day 1

What a fantastic day at the HR Technology Conference we had yesterday.  It was great to have the opportunity to talk and meet many fantastic people and organisations! Some people were initially uncertain how ALEX could fit their needs and it was great fun to see the “oh yeah” moment when it all clicked into place for them. Both Steve and […]

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Because We Can

I have often heard quoted that “necessity is the mother of all invention”.  There is no contending that this saying has indeed rung true in the heart of many innovators over the years. Not all improvements however come as a result of a specific need. Sometimes people do things simply because they can. One of the exciting things we have […]

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“Stonewashed jeans and a matching jacket: HireAbility’s Job Order Parser”

While the tagline for this blog may not conjure up the image of a perfect match, highlighting text within the body of a job order that corresponds to our Job Order Parser generated skills list might. We here at HireAbility are continually working to add service and value to our clients by adding solutions to streamline their processes. One of […]

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August Recap

Wow! Five new customers in what we were sure would be a slow month for August! Three in the US, one in France (which, as a country, I was under the impression was on holiday in August), and another in Australia…well, after all, it IS winter down under! Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and we’re very excited about […]

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July Recap

We have some good and bad news for the month July. The bad news is that we are more than half way through summer. However, the goods news is that we have continued to make enhancements to our product and add happy new customers. To make set up a bit easier for new customers (and even current customers who want […]

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June Recap

It is now officially summer and up here in New England we finally have some warm weather. When not at the beach, we have spent some time diligently adding new customers and new enhancements to our parser. We are happy to welcome some new customers from a niche job board to a few up and coming ATS products. With the […]

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May Recap

Another month is almost in the books as the end of May is near. This month we have seen some additional enhancements made to our product as well as some new customers. With the help of some data from a new customer, our development team has worked hard to update our ability to parse out publications. This is a great […]

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Who is ALEX?

Meet ALEX: A super fast and highly accurate cloud-based parser. ALEX works seamlessly with your product to help make your hiring process quicker and more efficient. Many companies (Job Boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, Social Networks) use ALEX to enhance their product and user experience. HireAbility’s ALEX is a “black box” component that sits between the various sources from which you […]

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April Recap

The end of April is on it’s way and with that we would like to recap and highlight some of the big events at HireAbility this month. As mentioned in a previous post, we added OCR functionality to our parser. This allows documents scanned into PDF to be parsed just as if they were a standard PDF or DOC file. […]

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