Resume Parsing Q&A Session

Resume Parsing Q&A Session

Resume Parsing Q&A Session

Resume Parsing can be a complicated subject to discuss. We wanted to simplify it as much as possible by answering the most important questions about Resume Parsing in general and HireAbility’s Resume Parser in particular, in this one blog post. These questions are often asked by companies that consider utilizing HireAbility’s ALEX Resume and Job Order Parser. Here is the short list of 9 questions:

  1. Do I need parsing?

    If your company receives dozens, hundreds or thousands resumes or CVs a day you need a Resume Parser to structure the data in preparation to displaying it in a nice format to your customers or clients and to saving the data in your database. The structured data in your database can then be used for searching by semantic or other search engines to deliver very precise quality results in contrast to searches done over original row data that might produce huge and not always correct sets of results.

  2. Does HireAbility’s ALEX have built-in taxonomies of competencies and job titles?

    Yes, we do provide built-in taxonomies of competencies/skills and job titles to all our clients as default. We also provide hierarchical ontologies of both competencies/skills and job titles that specify the semantic parent/child relationship between skills. These hierarchies (ontologies) further enable users to identify and match skills that are not specifically listed in a resume. For example, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Ultrix, and others are children of the parent UNIX. With Hierarchies option enabled, ALEX would return “UNIX” as a skill when one of the children of UNIX was identified (for example, AIX). Skills can have multiple parents and multiple levels of parents. For example, the skill ABAP has the parent SAP, which in turn has the parent ERP.

  3. Can we build our own taxonomies? How do we go about doing this?

    Yes, you can. You could provide a list of competencies/skills as a plain text file, one competency per line. You can specify variants of each skill if you like on the same line as the “main” skill separating each term by a comma. We will take care of the rest. You can use your taxonomies only, or you could use a combination of yours and HireAbility’s taxonomies.

  4. What type of information is being derived from parsed data?

    We can produce summaries of parsed data on request. Our default summaries provide such data as the number of years worked, the top 3 skills, the number of years of experience with those skills, highest level of education, years of management experience, industry, experience in the military, and much more.

  5. Does your Job Order Parser use the same competencies and job title taxonomies as the Resume Parser?

    Yes, it does. This type of semantic matching will make later search results both robust and precise.

  6. Can you add languages to HireAbility’s ALEX on request?

    Yes, we can. If you can provide us with 100 resumes and give us 2 months we will fully implement any left-to-right language parsing support.

  7. How do I integrate ALEX with my product?

    It’s as easy as this and this Java sample:

    public class Main {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            try {
              String output = null;
              Response r = given().
              formParam(“product_code”, “Your PRODUCT CODE”).
              formParam(“document_title”, “Something.docx”).
              multiPart(“document”, new File(“\path\to\document”)).
              output = r.getBody().asString();
          catch(Exception ex){

    And we have free, proven to work integration samples in many languages published on our site along with all the documentation here:
    HireAbility Documentation.
    If you need to integrate using a language not listed on the HireAbility Documentation page above, just ask, and we will write the code for you.

  8. Can you parse email body as well as email attachments?

    Yes, we can.

  9. Do you parse resume files in less popular formats like Microsoft Excel?

    Yes, we do. For a full list of supported formats go to HireAbility Products Overview

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