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New languages answers demands from large, international clients, LLC, the leading provider of resume/CV parsing services, announced today that its ALEX Resume Parsing software now supports over 10 main languages from across the globe. The company also announced that its parsing services support multiple languages within a single resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

Delivered as a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) product with significant ease of integration, has seen an increase in the amount of global needs for a robust, language-savvy resume parsing solution. Its solution supports customers across North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa.

ALEX Resume Parsing provides full resume/CV processing in numerous flavors of English and French plus Dutch, German, Spanish, and Italian and has partial support for the parsing the contact and personal information from a resume/CV in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Czech, and Polish. In addition, these languages enhance ALEX’s existing support for resume/CVs for 35 countries across five continents, including those utilizing a Latin alphabet in Greece, Russia, and various Asian nations like Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, PR China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Japan.

“ALEX was truly architected with globalization in mind,” said Amy Renz, President & COO of “It scales easily and seamlessly to new languages. In fact, across all languages, we’re successfully parsing 99.9 percent of all documents that come to us. We are providing our large, international clients with other ways to meet their customers’ diverse needs.”

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