HireAbility partners with ThisWay Global

HireAbility partners with ThisWay Global

We at HireAbility are pleased to announce that Cambridge-based tech company ThisWay Global  has selected HireAbility as its partner for providing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered job vacancy matching service for the recruitment industry.

Read more about ThisWay Global and the new partnership: ThisWay Global launches A-round funding following customer demand

We look forward to working with ThisWay Global in giving clients superior results, providing further innovation and support.

About ThisWay Global
Incubated for more than two years at ideaSpace, University of Cambridge, ThisWay Global set out to remove the fatigue of the hiring process for both businesses and individuals. ThisWay Global’s research and development team is from 14 countries and speaks 9 languages; the team developed a superior technology and methodology that delivers greater return on the investment in hiring for both the employer and the candidate.

Part of the way ThisWay Global products save businesses more than 50% in both time and money is because their Match-ic machine learning algorithms can do in minutes what it takes a human a week to do; but it also removes two of the major business risks during hiring:
1. Conscious and unconscious bias in candidate profiling and selection.
2. Cognitive dissonance, also known as decision fatigue, during labour intensive activities in the talent acquisition process.

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