CareerBuilder acquires stake in Textkernel

Last week, CareerBuilder acquired a majority stake in Textkernel, a Dutch-based outfit providing semantic recruitment technology to the HR space. More information can be found here – why would an already well-trafficked job board want to improve search results?

Semantic search tools are a step forward in providing more accurate search results. They are made more powerful by parsing the resumes, cover letters, and social profiles prior to searching. Searching on an entire (unparsed) resume is much less accurate. Once a resume is parsed, one can search for select areas (e.g. job descriptions, skills sections, executive summaries) excluding some data that might unintentionally interfere with the accuracy of the search. On occasion, contact information and other less relevant items in the resume will dilute search efforts. An accurate resume parser is a vital tool whether you are using semantic searching or any other kind of search engine.

Parsers such as HireAbility’s ALEX can generate a meaningful set of optimized skills from a resume. These skills can then be used as input to any search engine aiding in extremely accurate search results, It can greatly aid in creating a visually pleasing (and consistent) display of candidate data. Well-organized data and more focused search results will make your candidate pool more attractive to your clients.

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