Do Your Clients Expect More Than Resumes?

Do Your Clients Expect More Than Resumes?

Do Your Clients Expect More Than Resumes?

Yes, they’ve come to your site, posted an opening, and now the good part comes. Candidates begin applying and resumes begin flowing. Your clients are happy and your service is working. The resumes/CVs come in as RTFs, PDFs, .doc, .docx, and a half-dozen other commonly used document types.

Keep in mind many of your clients are using some form of applicant tracking system (ATS) for storing and retrieval. This means while they receive the resume, they still have some processing required to move the resume into their database for future reference. Many ATSs do not include a resume parsing function to improve the ‘searchability’ of the data, relying instead on keyword searching, perhaps the least accurate form of data retrieval. Have you considered offering your clients the ability to receive the resume back as just text, or even XML? Returning structured data may be a huge time (and therefore money) savings to your client.

Offering different formatting capabilities for resume data to your clients may also be a great way to differentiate your service from your competitors. HireAbility has been parsing resume/CVs and job orders for over 14 years and would be happy to discuss with you how our service can
help you leverage your data to provide added value to your clients. Feel free to request a 30-day, no obligation free trial of our service today.

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