Job Skills

Job Skills

Job skills are constantly evolving, and resume parsing companies have to evolve with them. What’s behind new skills creation? There are several factors involved. A few of the more common:

Technology: The rapidly changing world of technology in which we live has a dramatic impact on the skills not only required for new jobs but also on the types of jobs lost. This has a large impact on both the economy and the skills required within the job force. Parsing companies need to keep up to-date with rapidly changing job skills as a result of this change.

Workforce Demographics: Populations change over time. This has an impact on the skills required by the overall workforce as well. For example, as a population ages, demand for professions in the healthcare field rise. Conversely, as a population grows younger, more teachers are required shifting the skill sets needed.

Economic Expansion: During periods of economic growth, consumers have more disposable income with which to spend, promoting business growth. This in turn creates new job opportunities, in turn, fostering new skills required.

We at HireAbility pay close attention to fully understanding how skill sets evolve over time. We are always updating our competency tables as the changes above take place. At the same time, we don’t presume that we are aware of every single skill or qualification in the global workforce.

For the purposes of best handling the massive volume of ‘big data’ coming to you via resumes, the good news is that we have developed a unique platform which allows us to merge our continually updated taxonomies with additions made willingly by our clients. This blending will ensure that your parsing needs for skills are always changing in ways that best match the sector in which you operate.

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