July Recap

We have some good and bad news for the month July.

The bad news is that we are more than half way through summer. However, the goods news is that we have continued to make enhancements to our product and add happy new customers.

To make set up a bit easier for new customers (and even current customers who want to make the switch) we are offering a one key solution for connecting to the parser. Coupled with this improvement we have updated our API documentation. We have made it a bit more comprehensive, but also simplified the documentation at the same time. While merely a small tweak, it should prove to make integration a bit quicker and that is what is important; less set up time and more parse time.

We continued with our work of making major enhancements to our Publication parsing. We have also added customization options for how the format of Job Descriptions, Objectives and Executive Summaries are returned.

Finally, we added a number of new customers from a brand new start-up ATS, to a social recruiting platform, to a niche job board.

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