Making Sense of Your “Big Data”

Making Sense of Your “Big Data”

I am sure most of you have heard the term Big Data. In general, Big Data includes loads of information generated by organizations, and individuals. Big Data is characterized by large amounts of unstructured data coming from many sources. For many of our clients this data might be garnered in the form of job postings, resumes or job applicants/seekers.

If much of your Big Data comes in the form of job orders or resumes/CVs our flagship parsing engine ALEXsm can help you better manage this unstructured data. By transforming the unstructured data found in those documents to ordered HR-XML or JSON you will be able work with that data more intelligently. After all a lot of data that you need is stored in a resume or job description.

Once the formatted data from these documents is stored nicely into your database what next? How do I leverage this data? Well the truth is a simple CV or job order can tell you lots of things so long as you know where to look.

Want to know how well a recruitment campaign is working? Store where each resume is sourced along with the data extracted by ALEXsm. If you are making X number of placements from advertising on a certain job board, how does that success rate compare with the other job boards that you use? What is the quality of the candidates from each job board?

These types of questions build up the basic cornerstones of HR Analytics. Fortunately, once you have all of the data extracted from your document you have the answers to the above questions and many more at your finger tips. Resume parsing with is an accurate and cost effective way for your organization to truly leverage the Big Data found in your resumes and job orders.

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