OCR? It’s here!

We are happy to announce a new enhancement to our product. Our CV / Resume parser and our Job Order parser both now include OCR technology. This new feature gives our customers the ability to parse a wider variety of documents.

If you have not encountered the term OCR before, it means optical character recognition. OCR is the process of converting scanned text into machine encoded text. The process makes the content of the scanned image or document usable by various software applications.

While the recruiting industry is certainly moving more and more towards being entirely digital, using a parser with OCR technology is still quite useful. Candidates occasionally will still send in paper resumes that are then scanned and saved onto a computer. Also, job fairs are still very dependent on paper resumes at the first point of interaction between job seekers and employers.

The addition of OCR technology to our product offers more options to our customers while still providing the same processing speed. There is also no additional setup needed by our users to take advantage of this new feature. This enhancement allows documents scanned to PDF to be converted to plain text just like any other file format that our parser accommodates.

For any questions about this new feature, or about our company or software in general, reach out to us at sales@hireability.com.

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