OpenOffice? Yes, we can parse that!

OpenOffice? Yes, we can parse that!

A new update to your favorite parsing software has been released!

One of the many benefits that our clients enjoy is the continual development and release activity that our hosted solution can provide. When enhancements are made to our software they immediately become available to everyone. No longer do you have to have your system admin come in early on a Sunday to patch the software while everyone else is at home in bed. The latest update to our parsing software includes support for OpenOffice documents.

What is OpenOffice you ask? OpenOffice is an open source suite of office products such as document editing and spreadsheets. Over the years we have noticed that more and more people and organizations have been taking advantage of this product. While Microsoft’s Office product and the associated doc and docx file formats are by and far the number one document type we parse on a daily basis odt files which are the OpenOffice Text application documents have been making more and more appearances. This trend has become more noticeable as we have continued to grow our international presence. As such we are excited to announce that our world-class resume/CV parsing software, ALEX now supports OpenOffice files! Keep your eye on this blog for future updates to our software.

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