Privet, Mir! HireAbility supports Russian

Privet, Mir! HireAbility supports Russian

“Hello, World!” It is a tradition in programming circles that whenever we learn a new programming language we will start with a ‘hello world’ program. This simple program can be helpful to make sure that our compiler and other environment settings are working properly. This precedent stems back to the eponymously named book on the C programming language written by Brian W.Kernighan and Dennis M.Ritchie.

The title of this blog post ‘Privet, Mir!’ is ‘Hello, World’ in Russian and as you may have deduced is our quirky segue announcing that ALEX, our world-class resume/CV parser, now “speaks” Russian. Not only does our parser now parse in Russian it also parses in Ukrainian.  The addition of these languages also brings improvements in character support and ALEX now fully supports multi-byte characters. This will allow us to expand the language capabilities of our parser around the globe.

ALEX now fully supports parsing in US English, UK English, Dutch, German, French, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Russian and Ukrainian. In addition you do not need to specify in what language your resume is written. ALEX is ‘smart’ enough to figure it out. ALEX also supports multiple languages in the same document.  Live in France but have work experience in Spain? No problem!

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