Who is ALEX?

Meet ALEX: A super fast and highly accurate cloud-based parser. ALEX works seamlessly with your product to help make your hiring process quicker and more efficient. Many companies (Job Boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, Social Networks) use ALEX to enhance their product and user experience.

HireAbility’s ALEX is a “black box” component that sits between the various sources from which you receive resumes (such as your website or email) and your database. Resumes go in, and structured data comes out formatted, ready for import into your database.

We customize ALEX’s XML output (a superset of HR-XML) to fit your specific needs. ALEX accepts most popular document formats such as Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, plain text, and job board profile formats as input and can deliver data in formats like HR-XML or comma-delimited or spreadsheet-like formats (such as Excel). An output format customized to your current database structure can speed implementation and enable you to begin achieving improved search results almost immediately. ALEX can process résumés and return them to you in real-time (approximately 1-3 seconds) or in batch. Please contact us to discover all ALEX has to offer.

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+1 (603) 432 6653


+1 (603) 432 6653