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ALEX (Automated Linguistic EXpert)
HireAbility’s ALEX employs several AI parsing strategies including natural language processing techniques in order to extract relevant information from resumes written in a free-text format. While ALEX is internally a complex tool, its API is easy to use and can be implemented in a matter of minutes.
ALEX extracts information from resumes received from various sources and in various file formats. Resumes in any layout go into the parser and structured data comes out formatted, ready for use.

ALEX’s XML output is fully customizable to fit your specific needs. ALEX can be configured to parse all data or any subset of the data as per clients’ request. ALEX accepts most popular document formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, plain text, and job board profile formats as input. ALEX can process resumes and return them to you in real-time (approximately in 1-3 seconds) or in batch. Please read on to discover all ALEX has to offer.

Easy and Convenient Resume Input

Accurate and Comprehensive Data Extraction

Support for multiple languages and regions

Software as a Service

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Intelligence for optimized data
After ALEX identifies the data in the resume (skills, job titles, company names, employment dates, etc.) ALEX applies intelligence to further interpret and optimize the Skills, Job Titles, Security Clearances and Experience data. The Intelligence module is optional and customizable.
ALEX optimizes the data output from the parser in three ways: validation, hierarchies, and implications. Validation associates various permutations of skills and job titles with a standardized, “valid” term or phrase. Hierarchies identify skills that are related to the skills given in the resume file. Implications are terms inferred from other terms in the resume file. The following sections explain more fully.



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Why automating Resume processing
is important

Eliminate data entry

Reduce administrative costs

Accurate search results

Enhance existing data

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