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If you are looking to only parse contact information out of resumes and CVs, ALEX Contact Parser is for you. ALEX Contact Parser can process CVs and resumes in real-time through our quick and simple web service interface. ALEX can also process those documents in bulk via email or FTP. ALEX accepts resumes that are embedded in the email body or sent as attachments.

ALEX parses resumes in numerous formats including but not limited to the most popular:
Microsoft Word (all versions)
PDF (including OCR files)
Open Office
HTML (all flavors)
Plain text
Social Media profiles

What happens during parsing

After converting all incoming data into UTF-8 text by using HireAbility’s ALEX Text Converter, ALEX parses and tags all the relevant data.

Here is a list of the data ALEX parses out of resumes:

Candidate’s Name: Prefix, Given Name, Middle Name/Initial, Family Name, Suffix, Nickname, Formatted Name
Address: Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country
Email Address
Web Site Address
Telephone Number(s): Work, Home, Mobile, FAX, Formatted, etc

What happens after parsing is done

ALEX can process resumes and CVs in real-time. Results will be returned to you in the form of HR-XML data string.

ALEX can process resumes and CVs from a specified email box. In this case the HR-XML data strings are available on our servers awaiting your retrieval.

Your CV / resume data is never stored on our servers.

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Our FREE CV / Résumé and Job Order / Job Description parsing trial includes 20 parses and is valid for 30 days.

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+1 (603) 432 6653