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HireAbility ALEX Job Order Parser


ALEX Job Order Parser can process job orders (sometimes called job descriptions or vacancies) in real-time through our quick and simple web service interface. ALEX can also process the job orders / descriptions in bulk via email or FTP. ALEX accepts job orders / descriptions that are embedded in the email body or sent as attachments.

ALEX parses resumes in numerous formats including but not limited to the most popular:
Microsoft Word (all versions)
PDF (including OCR files)
Open Office
Microsoft Excel
HTML (all flavors)
Plain text
Social Media

What happens during parsing

After converting all incoming data into UTF-8 text by using HireAbility’s ALEX Text Converter, ALEX parses and tags all the relevant data.

Here is a list of some but not all of the data categories ALEX parses out of job orders to create a job profile that can then be matched with candidates:

Position Title
Number of Positions
Required Education
Required Work Experience
Minimal Required Work Experience
Job Description

Output Data is optimized for profile matching (optional)

After ALEX identifies the data in the resume ALEX applies semantic matching techniques to standardize and optimize the Skills (Competencies), Job Titles, Dates and Locations. The Intelligence module is optional and fully customizable. ALEX optimizes Skills (Competencies) and Job Titles to be used later for in-depth matching between candidate profiles and job orders/postings as follows.

1. Validation ontologies associate various permutations of skills and job titles with a standardized, “valid” term from HireAbility’s ontology of skills and replaces “raw” terms with semantically “valid” skills and job titles. HireAbility has compiled an extensive skills and job titles ontology for term validation while at the same time using ALEX’s ability to semantically match sibling terms. A client defined taxonomy can also be used instead or in addition to HireAbility’s ontologies.

2. Hierarchies identify semantic parent/child relationships between skills or job titles. Hierarchies (ontologies) further enable users to identify and match skills that are not specifically listed in a resume. For example, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Ultrix, and others are children of the parent UNIX. With Hierarchies option enabled, ALEX would return “UNIX” as a skill when one of the children of UNIX was identified (for example, AIX). Skills can have multiple parents and multiple levels of parents. For example, the skill ABAP has the parent SAP, which in turn has the parent ERP.


While conforming to HR-XML standards, ALEX’s XML and JSON output is fully customizable to fit your specific needs. ALEX can be configured to return all data or any subset of the data. New tags can be added if so desired.

What happens after parsing is done

ALEX can process job orders in real-time. Results will be returned to you in the form of HR-XML or JSON data string.

ALEX can process job orders from a specified email box. In this case the HR-XML or JSON data strings are available on our servers awaiting your retrieval.

Your job order / vacancy data is never stored on our servers.

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